And the winner is…

Every year businesses in Knaresborough get into the feva spirit and dress up their windows in all shades of pink.  The feva committee vote for their favourite windows and the one that gets the most points is declared the winner in the Best Dressed Premises Competition.  

The voting is in and here are the results from the feva committee.  The winner of the 2016 Best Dressed Premises Competition is McQueens!

McQueens Cafe

Joint second were Knitting Pretty and Floral Decor.

Knitting Pretty 1
Floral Decor
Third goes to Knaresborough Cafe.

Knaresborough Cafe
We also had a public vote with Knaresborough Now. The overwhelming public winner was Claro Hair.

Gigi and Claro Hairstylists

Joint second was Floral Decor and newcomers the Electric Bike shop on Bond End, and a well deserving equal third to Knaresborough Cafe and Knaresborough Kitchens.

North Yorkshire Electric Bikes

Knaresborough Kitchens 2

We felt a special mention should go to Ellen Stevenson, who is a long time supporter of FEVA and who decorated her living room window this year on Bond End opposite Henshaws.

Thank you to everyone who took part.  A full list of will be published in a couple of days.