The artist community in Knaresborough are fantastic supporters of Knaresborough Festival. This section will showcase their amazing creativity.

There are four sections, the 1st Section: is the “Arts Trail” – a
lists of artists who have a display of their work in one of the shops around Knaresborough – you are encouraged to visit. The 2nd Section: showcases the work of more individual artists in Knaresborough. The 3rd Section features “Art in the Mill” a gallery containg a unique collection by local Artists. The 4th Section: are the Trompes to be found around Knaresborough.

1st: The “Arts Trail”

Each of the following artists is exhibiting in a shop window in Knaresborough, see map below. Click on the artists name to see biography, photo of venue and examples of their work.

2nd More Local Artists

David Dobie,

Original paintings in a range of styles and media by members of Knaresborough Art Society, including paintings and cards for sale.


Lois Folkard

The World is on Fire, by Lois Folkard. 


Ray Mutimer


On the Rocks, by Ray Mutimer

Brian Souter


3rd Section. Art in the Mill.
A unique collection of carefully curated paintings, prints, cards, sculptures & ceramics by acclaimed local artists.

Green Dragon Yard, Knaresborough, HG5 8AU
01423 862963
Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 – 17:30  
Sundays  11:00 – 16:00

Examples of artwork at the ‘Solus’ Exhibition

4th Section – Knaresborough is well known for the set of trompe l’oeil windows placed around the town and which remain in place all the year round.  FEVA have a number of their own trompe l’oeil which are installed every July and remain in place during the festival.
Trompe-l’œil is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.