That most stalwart of all the feva stalwarts, the Great Mandavi, introduced a wholly new routine for the delectation of his loyal and fervent audience of mostly under twelves, their parents, grandparents and those just hanging around in Knaresborough Market Place waiting for his shows. 

The new routine, he said, was one of the trickiest every attempted in the many years of the Festival. It involved the juggling of a chocolate biscuit from the forehead down to the mouth, with hands clasped behind his back.

The Great Mandavi is obviously an expert at this and did the trick almost first time (first time he actually hit the biscuit too hard on to his head and broke it. Luckily, he had another).

He then invited the scores of children who turned out for his three free shows to try it for themselves. Plenty did and a couple found success. The secret is to place the biscuit on the forehead chocolate side down. Some of the younger ones just ate the biscuit straight off and didn’t bother with the trick.

It all added up to another hilarious stint at feva by one of the Festival’s best loved entertainers.

 Nigel Perry

Great Mandavi, Thursday 17 August, Market Place