Compelling gypsy folk and roll band, Holy Moly and the Crackers, will perform at Henshaws on Friday 18 August during this year’s feva Festival in one of the standout events. The band has a huge following for their exciting stage performance and will be giving fans an early hearing of their new album, Salem, released in mid-July.

Holy Moly and the Crackers are a seven-piece outfit, offering a re-imaging of traditional folk and blues running on modern gypsy punk steroids. Thrown in are rock, pop, Balkan, klezmer ska and reggae to make a varied and eclectic mix. It is excitable and energetic stuff and their new album, produced with top rock producer Matt Terry at Vada Studios has been eagerly awaited.

“There is a good reason as to why a lot of people are loving this band,” said Matt. “I was drawn in the moment I heard them … their sound is like a dirty circus.”

Diva Publications described them as “… a bunch of wild gypsy troubadours with more than a touch of magic about them.”

The band’s founders are Conrad Bird, Ruth Patterson and ‘Squeezebox’ Rosie, who lead Holy Moly and the Crackers with compelling charismatic style. It has been written that their style has more than a touch of whisky and gunsmoke about it, with an overlay like a New Orleans funeral wake.

Tickets are £12 and can be booked online at

Holy Moly and the Crackers at 2017 feva Festival