Knaresborough’s rich array of talented folk and rock artists are coming together to put on a ‘super gig’ at the Frazer Theatre for the opening concert of the 2017 feva Festival on Friday, 11 August. The event is ticketless but the audience will be invited to make a donation which will go to the overheads of the Festival. Doors open at 7.30 pm and there is a licensed bar.

Those lining up to perform include Blarge’s Rik Currie and Tony Cerexhe who will put on their version of rollicking Celtic and English folk with friends Fiona McCraven, Callum Bulmer and Richard Simmons. Guitarists Rufus Beckett and Will McKenzie will duet, before a solo performance by Martin Rose. Towards the end, all will take part with the audience in building towards a memorable crescendo.

“We are very grateful to those who have agreed to turn out for the gig, coming because of the cancellation of the scheduled concert,” said Tony Cerexhe, who also serves as chairman of feva. “The opening concert of the Festival, always held at the Frazer on the first Friday is something special, and with local performers rallying around we have been able to save the day.”

Knaresborough Performers to put on ‘Super Gig’ at feva Friday