Knaresborough Players are to present the hilarious one-act ‘Black Comedy’, on Saturday 12 August at the Frazer Theatre. Tickets are £8 and include a drink, and can be booked at

The play is an ambitious venture for the Players, taking as its setting a home suffering an electricity short circuit. The trick is that the play opens on a darkened stage and as the blackout hits the lights come on. This continues throughout the action as when matches or torches are used the stage lights dim to continue the back-to-front effect. The title of the play, written in the 1960s by Sir Peter Shaffer, is a pun.

Played out against this background, the action opens up all sorts of comic possibilities. A young sculptor and his fiancée ‘borrow’ some expensive furniture to impress a prospective collector coming to inspect his work. Past mistresses, difficult family members and worried neighbours all turn up to play their parts in a catalogue of misunderstanding as the players grope their way in the dark – in, of course, full view of the audience.

Since its first staging, Black Comedy has been a resounding success. Shaffer, himself, described its first night as exploding with a “… veritable detonation of human glee”. The task before the Knaresborough Players is to maintain this run for the benefit of their growing army of fans.

Knaresborough Players to Stage ‘Black Comedy’ at 2017 feva Festival