These are comments made by visitors to the Exhibition of Art by pupils of King Kames’s School on 15th August 2019.

15.8.19 Magnificent display of varied and innovative pieces of art using different media. It is such a shame that the work of these incredibly talented young artists does not reach a wider audience.

15.9.19 without doubt the best FEVA art display by a mile. Loved to see the John Bellamy influence on a Freya Glass painting. Hope this display/exhibition will be an annual event at Feva

15.8.19 Stunning!!!
18-8-19 Excellent exhibition. Lots of talented pupils – thought provoking
15/8/10 Last time I was here was 1961. This exhibition is BRILLIANT!!! Very talented young people. Joe Roke
15-8-19 some Lovely work – very diverse and talented students. Caroline Houseman

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