Knaresborough Festival is rightly famous for its street entertainment – have a scroll down to see what goes on:-

The Great Mandavi:-

Street performer, jester, clown and Covent Garden performer.

Knaresborough Mummers Present:-

A tale of greed, deceit, murder most foul and developments in the pharmaceutical trade !! Written by Mark Ellison, filmed by themselves and edited by Helen Burrell. Performed in Covid Lockdown conditions in July 2020.


Strange Twig Theatre company

At the start of the Covid19 Pandemic and the UK Lockdown Strange-Twig Theatre Company brought their fifteen years of experience and resources as a company to bear to fulfil a promise made to the general public. Within 3 days of Lockdown the first episode of the ongoing series ’Stuck At Home!’ was released. Set in the Strange-Twig Vault and safely behind 8 inch thick solid steel doors the company descended into performative madness with an ongoing storyline that saw them in an apocalyptic world of their creation. In amongst this they told stories and performed circus skills, broadcasting every Saturday at lunchtime. Their intention was to continue bringing joy to a changed world and they did it with their trademark flair, energy and bombast. These stories are just a few of those that they told.

Have a look at the Strange Twig YouTube channel here.

Flag and Bone Gang – Morris Dancers

This video shows the act they perform in Knaresborough – even though it was recorded in Shrewsbury !!